Monday, 30 April 2012

I have began my final piece. I am combining Takahiro Kimura, Gillian Lambert and David Hockney. The previous photo's uploaded (first set) are the photo's i will use to help complete my final creation. I think the link is obvious between my work and Kimura's work, and perhaps David Hockney's. Gillian Lambert is less obvious. My copy of Gillian Lamberts' work  was created using pencil, as she uses to create hers. I believe, and have been told, that pencil is my strongest form, so i intend on using this advantage to the fullest. I will use pencil to draw most of my final piece, oil pastels to create parts of the coloured sections, and used photography to create a mixed media piece. I will add a photo of what it currently looks like soon.

Monday, 23 April 2012

New photo's to work from

I took some new photo's to work from which i will use for my final piece. I took two separate lots of photo's, but i'm not sure if i should combine both together.

This is the first lot of photo's i took. They're in portrait style and my face is the main focus in all of the photos.
These are just a few of the photo's to show the editing process.
This is in the illusion style. I like how it has chosen a few sections of the face to layer on top of the photo. This will be good when cutting up to create the collage style.

This is a colour style photo. I like the colours used in the effect and i think it will look good incorporated into the whole collage.

This is another illusion effect photo, and i like how there are multiple eyes that i can cut and stick next to other photos which have other expressions.

This is my least favourite. Although i believe the colour compliments the emotion, i don't think it would look flattering in the collage.

The next photo's are my favourite, however i don't know if they will fit into a collage as well as the photo's above would; the photo's above show the face in the size that will be best to create a collage.

Again, this is the illusion style. I like how the eyes and lips are continued in the layer and i could use parts of this photo to contrast other expressions in the collage.

This expression is neutral. I felt that using an illusion effect would amplify photo because the expression doesn't show much at all.

I believe that the colour shows the emotion clearer and i like the pastel colours in the eyes and face. 

This photo doesn't seem edited but i've brightened it and you can see pinks, blues and purples. I think this compliments the expression shown and matches the colours used in other photo's; this will make the collage easier to blend.

I will cut these photos into segments and experiment with positioning and then create a collage. I will then create an A3/2 collage using a mixture of medias such as oil pastels, pencil and the original edited photo's. I need to make sure i don't pick a size too big to copy from as i don't want the collage to be disproportional; i want it to be as realistic as possible.

Edits in the style of Takahiro Kimura

These are a few edits that i created on 'Gimp'. I did them in the style of the artist i am most interested in which is Kimura.
I used an illusion style and a coloured style to create some of the effects used in Kimura's work. 

This photo is edited using the illusion style. I like this effect because it makes the photo layered and creates multiple copies of some aspects of the face.

This photo is created using the colour effect. I like this because you can change the colours depending on the expression and the emotion portrayed in the photo.

This is the second style available in the illusion effect. I particularly like how it distorts some of the facial features and layers them on top but you can still see the original picture intact. 

Again, this is the colour effect. I don't really like the colours in this photo, however i like how the eyes have a glazed effect.

I will use these photo's to create a piece in the style of Takahiro Kimura, and then i will copy from the piece using crayons to create the block colour effect, and pencil because i believe pencil is one of my strongest points.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Eye expressions

From looking at previous artists and the artist which is influencing most of my ideas (Kimura), i have decided to look at eye expressions. Without the eyes, it is hard to recognize what a person's feelings and emotions are; The eyes are the center focus of expressions, along with eyebrows. The positioning of the eyebrows determine how you see the expression.

I took some photo's of my friends' eye, to experiment with editing. The are the photo's without any editing.






I then edited these photo's. I found an effect which made the photo's look like they were taken with the iridescent paper i used in my previous experiments.

These are the rest of the edited photo's. I edited them with consideration of the colour; The colour represents the emotion/expression.

I also found an effect which made the photo's layered which is what i wanted to resemble Kimura's work.

After sticking these photo's into my book i will either use these photo's or take some more to experiment with. I will cut/tear them up and use different sections from different photo's to create the collage look i am aiming for. I will then do some copies from them.

In the style of Takahiro Kimura

Working on the theme of Takahiro Kimura, i decided to further my experimentation i would take photos to resemble the collage style in his works.
These are the photo's i took at first with no editing. I used iridescent paper to create a layered and 'doubled' effect.
To link my work with the overall theme of expressions, i have focused on the eyes because i feel that they convey most of the expression throughout the face. Without the eyes, it would be hard to tell what the expression is.

After taking these photos, i was happy with them, but i felt that for them to be in the style of Kimura they would need editing. These are the first edits i did.

 I just opened up the photo's in Paint and cut them up and re positioned them. I did not like how they turned out.
I experimented some more. These are how they turned out.

These edits are more accurate; i am pleased with the effect and i think that it is more in the style of Takahiro. 

i will continue to edit photos linking to Takahiro Kimura and the theme of Expressions.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gillian Lambert

Self-Deception is a drawings series of self-portraits by the artist Gillian Lambert. She said she always found something beautiful in things grotesque, repulsive and enigmatic people. In an attempt to explore these connections in relation to her own self-image, she deliberately turned herself in a strange way, unattractive or disgusting ways which pose the question of what defines physical and traditional notions of beauty.

Here is the works from her project titled 'Self-Deception'

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Takahiro Kimura
 Kimura is a Tokyo based Film Maker, Illustrator and Collage Artist.
His collages are made by cutting up photos and rearranging them into a collage to which color is then applied, thereby creating a whole new visage with an unforgettable impact. Expressions are reflected throughout Kimura's work, and colour is a key aspect helping the portrayal of each expression.

Below is a segment written by the artist on his website here

Artist's Statement
The main motif of my artworks is Human Faces.
Though I am quite interested in various aspects and contradictions which people have inside, I attempt not to think about them in the stage of creation. I’d rather devote my attention to force of line and exquisite balance of form, mass, composition and color so that sense of existence of my works, which are inclusive of said factors, can stand out.

If I hold up the emotion of human being, which is so complicated and elusive, as theme of my work, the work will be unable to catch up with the emotion and the work will be undistinguished. Therefore, in a state of selfless, I command not feeling but solely my aesthetic sense and attempt to create my work.

And then if you feel some complicated emotions of human beings are expressed out of my work [faces], it might be projections of what you have inside. The broken faces might be mirrors to reflect your emotions.

This is a screen shot of Takahiro's 'Broken Faces' taken from his website here